Top 5 Movie Fight Scenes (and what writers can learn from them!)

A. C. Spahn gives a perceptive analysis of fight scenes in popular movies. Useful for writers and just plain entertaining.

A. C. Spahn

Yesterday I saw an amazing movie fight scene that jumped its way onto my list of favorite fight scenes of all time. I thought I’d share five of them with you now.

A few caveats: All of these are from sci-fi/fantasy movies, the genres I tend to blog about. I’m also limiting myself to one fight scene per franchise, and excluding enormous battle sequences like Pelennor Fields from Lord of the Rings.

Grab your plastic lightsaber and novelty renaissance faire sword, and let’s begin!

5. Spiderman vs. Doctor Octopus

From Spiderman 2

Watch the fight here
Buy the movie here

The setting atop a moving train provides hazards for the characters to dodge or creatively use to their advantage, and the fight makes full use of it. When writing a fight scene in an unusual setting, let your characters utilize every aspect of it, both offensively (like Doc Ock…

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