Dance to The Doors in a parrot hat

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On Christmas Eve my parakeet Westie spread his wings and flew away to Parakeet Valhalla. I miss the little guy. He was the inspiration for Lu’s parakeet Foster, who survived being bird-napped by the daemon Black Claw. To honor Westie’s memory, I’m hosting a drawing for the Foster Prize Pack.

One big winner will claim all these prizes:

  • Festive parrot hat for those times when you feel like a party.
  • Cute pair of Japanese parakeet socks.
  • CD of The Doors greatest hits, including Foster’s favorite song, “Light My Fire.”
  • Autographed paperback of Daemon Seer.


Gain additional chances by sharing the drawing on Twitter, following me on Twitter, or visiting my Facebook page. The drawing is open to all newsletter subscribers and anyone who wants to subscribe. The deadline for entering is February 29.

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