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  1. Jacquie Clarke says:

    Good job, Mary, of defending yourself using logic against the distorted thinking of your destructive inner critic. You followed the cognitive thinking method perfectly. Slay that dragon.


    1. Dreambeast7 says:

      Thanks, Jackie. That dragon doesn’t die easy!


  2. grant wilson says:

    Mary, you inner demon of a grammer nazi if being very, very hard on you. If Talion is the example by which you judge your proof reading process, you can go tell Ms. Grammer Nazi to go fuck herself. You have always maintained great grammer and mistake free publishing ( in my not so humble opinion) and need to cut yourself some slack. I am just waiting for Daemon Seer so I can read quality and genius once again.


    1. Dreambeast7 says:

      Thank you, Grant! I’m extremely flattered. Daemon Seer is coming out February 24, but since you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll be able to get the ebook early — and free.


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