Ancient Children Redesigned

ancient-children-badgeAncient Children has undergone several transformations in my search for  a blog design that gives visual expression to my personality as a writer and that harmonizes with At last I’ve found  that design thanks to Brian Sfinas, the remarkable artist who put this new site together.

Brian is a novelist, musician, artist, Internet marketing expert specializing in search engine optimization, and the marketing director of Awesome Indies. We met when he asked me to review his debut novel, The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space. I’m glad I said yes! His novel is amazing. Although Brian is just beginning his artistic career, his work shows the craftsmanship of a skilled writer and the sensibility and insight of  a person who observes, experiences, and feels with a wholehearted commitment to life.  Of course I gave  five stars to  The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space and highly recommend it. You can read my review of it here.

It was a pleasure working with Brian on the redesign of Ancient Children. While any subjective process will have some hiccups, he handled them with professionalism and tact. I’m looking forward to our friendship in the coming years.

A multi-talented artist, Brian recently released a 14-song album titled Love Songs For Arsonists, which you can learn about on his website, His next novel is due for release in May of 2014: The Darkest of Suns Will Rise is a science fiction tale set some 200 years in our future. Brian promises this will be a story that explores the nature of deception and what separates our species from species on this planet and on others in a way that no other author has before. Based on what I know of his work, I’m inclined to believe him.

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  1. Dan Hagen says:

    I like this one. Dark and crisp.


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